Property Improvement Canada - 604-916-3460
“Lets make tomorrow better than today”

Property Improvement Canada looks forward to meeting your expectations on your building or land needs. Our well-trained team is excited to bring your next building project to life.

Property Improvement Canada offers a wide range of services.
  • Helping property owners & tenant’s improve or maintain their surroundings.
  • Include both building & land improvement & maintenance.
  • Building division is fully qualified for all new construction, renovations, & deconstruction/demolition.
  • Fully capable of handling fences, decks, & swimming pools.
  • Land division includes landscaping, drainage & soil preparation.
  • Winter months cater to snow removal & salting of parking lots.
  • Offer’s an agricultural division providing preparation for
  • Tree propagation
  • Berry farming
  • Pasture revitalization
  • Other services available are drainage, land clearing, & brush mowing.